Seiwa’s Noise-Proof Insulated Compressor
Suitable for use in housing neighborhood.

Compression Power
3.3 PS
Air Flow Rate 300 L/min
0.7 MPa
Discharge Power
4.5 PS (Rated) / 6.0 PS (Max.)
Air Tank Capacity
6.0 L
Measurement 860 x 579 x 560 mm
Weight 82 kg (SCP) / 83 kg (SCPE)
Product Code Specifications
134202A SCP-22GLS
Compressor (equipped with auto-decelerating engine and oil-meter sensor), compressor oil 1 L, jet oiler
134201A SCPE-22GLS
Compressor (equipped with auto-decelerating engine, oil-meter sensor and self-starter system), compressor oil 1 L, jet oiler